How I Rate Stuff

So this is my own personal rating scale. There's nothing official about it, it's all about my tastes and what I thought about what I read.

5 Coffee (or Tea) Cups                                                                                                                             

Rocked my socks
Likely made me cry, scream or threat physical harm unto my Kindle at one point
Had me still reflecting upon it days later
Made me immediately go onto Goodreads and mark any of the work listed under this author
Would recommend to anyone I've ever met

 4 Coffee (or Tea) Cups

Interesting and believable storyline and world building
Lovable (and at times hate-able) characters
Looked at all of the author's previous work
Would recommend to friends
(If part of a series) Find the series and keep an eye out for updates on it


       3 Coffee (or Tea) Cups

Interesting storyline with somewhat predictable outcome, but still interesting enough for me to finish it
Exhausted topic
Likable main characters, but supporting characters not as thought through
Enough grammatical/spelling mistakes to make it distracting
Would probably recommend to friends

2 Coffee (or Tea) Cups

Skimmed through a majority
Has a few redeeming factors (i.e. an unexpected plot twist, likeable characters, unique world building)
Would warn friends away from
Had potential but didn't follow thru 


1 Coffee (or Tea) Cup

Didn't finish/fell asleep while reading (it's happened)
Overused plot bordering on plagiarism
If I didn't get for free am kicking myself for wasting any amount of money on

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