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My Review Policy 

If you are an author/publisher please email me the below and I would be happy to consider reading and reviewing your book. I accept galleys, ARCs, physical copies and e-books (ePub, .pdf or .mobi format preferred- whatever will work on my tablet or Kindle). 

Please email me the following:
  • Synopsis of the book
  • Cover of the book (if you want me to promote it)
  • Title, Author, Publisher and genre of the book
  • Date it was/will be published
  • If you have a page on Goodreads, please include the link to it
  • Purchase link (if applicable)

What I read:

Being that there are 4 of us ladies here that read and review, it's safe to say we span a few different genres. Predominately Romance, Paranormal, Mystery, Suspense/Thrillers, Historical Fiction and Horror. And we are not choosy about whether it is self or traditionally published. If your book doesn't fall into one of these categories that's more than okay! We love trying new things and discovering new tastes. Please send a request and we'll take it from there.


All approved review requests will have a guaranteed review on Goodreads, Amazon and the blog unless otherwise specified. Please mention if you would like it to be on a site not named above. Also, please specify if there is any sort of time limit. I will try to give honest and positive feedback- but honesty may not necessarily result in rave reviews. I know how hard it is and how much time authors put into getting their work out there so any reviews I write will not be malicious or outright cruel. My reviews include a cover, series (if any), title, author, release date, publisher, a previously published summary, my personal review and rating.
My rating system is listed on a separate tab, but I follow the traditional 5 star (or coffee cups in my case) method.


Please note- I take each request on a case-by-case basis. I may not be able to read it due to specific time constraints, my TBR pile may be piling up or I just may not feel that it is in my wheelhouse. I will never be disrespectful and will always email you back if that is the case, but I ask that you be respectful of me as well and understand that I may not be able to accept your request. I'm sorry to be blunt, but I just don't want there to be any confusion or misunderstandings on my part :)

Life has a bad habit of interfering with things and if that becomes the case and I am unable to accept any requests for a decent stretch of time I will make a note of it on the blog.

      If you have any questions/concerns, sending a review request, etc. please contact me either here or at: Thanks for taking the time to read my review policy and stopping by my blog!

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