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Review: The Exception to the Rule

The Exception to the Rule
by Beth Rinyu
Published: 12/19/12
Self Published
Contemporary Romance

When Katrina “Kat” Vallia, an idealistic if somewhat naive 20-something American pediatrician travels halfway across the globe to volunteer in a poor African village, she looks at it as a means of closure. Following a bitter breakup with her unfaithful boyfriend, she decides to throw herself into her work without any distractions from a man. That’s until she encounters Dr. Julian Kiron, a handsome, career driven pediatric oncologist. Even though she tries to fight it, Kat finds herself falling deeply for him; until she painfully realizes that they both want totally different things from life. Not willing to compromise for the other, they sadly say goodbye, cutting all ties.

Five years later, Kat’s happy world is turned upside down when she is given devastating news. She must now confront her past and the secret she’s harbored for years. But will saving the one she loves most also rekindle the love she let slip away?

My Rating: 4 1/2 Coffee Cups

A copy of this book was provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review

This novel is from a new author Beth Rinyu and if this her early work, I cannot wait to see (and read!) what she creates going forward. This book was, at it's heart, a love story. Yes it had lots of swoon-worthy romance, but when I say love I mean love from all angles. Love for family, love for friends, even love for essential strangers. 

The book starts off with the main character Kat getting burned by her boyfriend- which ends up being the catalyst for pretty much the storyline of this book. She decides she needs to get away, so enrolls in a volunteer program that sends her to Africa for 9 months to immerse herself in the occupation she loves: Pediatrician. She gets there and dives headfirst into treating her young patients. The climate in Africa is heartbreaking. The children are in need of care and for some patients that Kat treats their futures look bleak. She is concentrating on how to help her children in the middle of an introductory meeting/conference and she distractingly meets the handsome Dr. Julian Kiron, a keynote speaker, by pretty much insulting him. From that point on she continues running into him and her attraction towards him intensifies. Being a pediatric oncologist, he treats some of the worst cases and both he and Kat bond over mutual victories and losses. He's made it clear that he doesn't do relationships and she doesn't do casual, but they can't stop what builds between them, even if they wanted to (and despite both of their adamant claims, they really do want whatever it is that forms). Just as they are realizing that what they have goes beyond simple chemistry, tragedy occurs forcing Kat to head back home early to her family. But despite the distance Julian doesn't simply fade away. He calls her weekly to check up on her and he even makes a surprise visit to her before he goes away on his next assignment in Germany. They both know that what they have has grown into love, but they have a fundamental difference that neither is willing to compromise on. Kat is a family orientated person and Julian, well, is not and there are no amount of feelings that can persuade either to change their opinions on the subject. So, Julian leaves her with the promise of not trying to get back in contact. 

Fast forward five years. And this is where I have to stop talking. There is nothing that I can really say that won't give anything away and I really don't want to do that. All I can really say about the remainder of the book is that it is a emotional roller coaster. Julian comes back into the fold of Kat's life in a very unexpected way. You fall in love with Kat and Julian and the strong supporting characters that Kat has surrounding her as close as a family. You find yourself right along with them with every up and down ride that is taken. When they laugh, you laugh and when they cry, you are completely balling your eyes out. Amazing and wonderful story. Please do not let the cover put you off (I know it looks a little...mehh) this is something that needs to be picked up immediately.      

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