Friday, February 22, 2013

TGIF: Freebie Friday #5

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Soul Walker (A Touched Girl Series, #1) by Robyn Jones

"I need to get you to the hospital." He was taking responsibility for me. Only my parents had that job. I stretched my hand out in protest, but the lack of depth perception had my trembling fingers grazing his overheated neck. I swore his whole body shook.

When five-year-old Anna Pierce is offered a chance to have nightmare-free nights for the small price of her voice, she jumps at it. Silence has to be better than all-consuming dreams about blood and death and fangy monsters. The bargain she strikes comes with a secondary benefit, visions of a person's future potential. The combination of visions and silence changes her very nature and soon she's diagnosed with autism. Twelve years of living in her head comes to a screeching halt the moment Peter Davis pulls her out of an icy river. 

Her new life has her twirling, tiptoeing, and crashing through unfamiliar territory, one filled with a cranky grandma, a knocked up cousin, an unpleasant cousin, a bunch of mostly good vampires, and the boy who rescued her. 

 To top it all off, the deal she made at five is no more. Anna is expected to talk, to figure out her resurfacing nightmares, and to control her ever-growing powers. And she'd better get it done soon because if the good vamps want a piece of a living, breathing Touched girl, the evil ones simply want. They'll take Anna for their very own.

Just finished reading this and it's so good! (and FYI don't judge this book by it's cover) It's actually been awhile since I read a vampire book, but this one had a completely different take on it and it was great!! It can be a little bit confusing in the beginning, but stay with it, it's worth it. Can't wait to read the next one! 


  1. Thank you so much for this posting! If you have a chance there's a fun meme Jaclyn at JC's Book Haven does called Sidekick Saturday's. She did a special edition today so I could feature one of my characters. I love casting characters it turns out. robgirlbooks.

  2. Wow this sounds actually very interesting! I never heard about this series before and I love vampire stories! So thanks a bunch for sharing your thoughts ;)

    See you around blogging buddy ;)

    Florentine @ Readiculously Peachy