Friday, July 12, 2013

TGIF Freebie Friday #12

Free on Amazon Today!! Pick it up!

Showbiz, A Novel by Ruby Preston
Genre: Fiction

After four years in Manhattan slaving away as the under-appreciated apprentice to the brilliant but ruthless “King of Broadway,” Scarlett Savoy is finally on her way to becoming a Broadway producer.

However, when the death of the top New York theater critic rocks the Great White Way, Scarlett begins to discover some dark secrets her boss has been hiding and gets a peak behind the red velvet curtain into Broadway’s scandalous backrooms. Then a chance meeting with an influential gossip columnist sparks romance – but can he be trusted? As opening night nears, Scarlett finds herself at the center of the storm as everything she thought she knew about the business of Broadway begins to unravel.

"Think of it as Twilight for the theater geek or Smash in literary form. Ruby Preston’s new novel Showbiz is an undeniable page-turner." - Stage & Cinema

Now, I am a HUGE musical theatre geek. I've been in a few and have been to see my fair share. That being said, how could I not shamelessly promote this book? ;)

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And now for something COMPLETELY different...

Also Free on Amazon Today!! Pick it up!

Eyes Ever to the Sky by Katie French
Genre: Paranormal YA

When Hugh wakes up in a smoldering crater—no memory, no clothes—a single thought echoes in his head…trust no one. Frightened and alone, with no memory of who he is, he stumbles upon a grisly murder scene and is fatally shot. He wakes, only to find he can heal himself. He has superpowers, and he’s going to need them.

Desperate and bleeding, Hugh stumbles upon fifteen-year-old Cece, who’s got enough troubles of her own. Between caring for her bipolar mother and trying not to get evicted from her run-down trailer, Cece may be the only person struggling as much as Hugh. Drawn to Hugh, Cece finds a love she’s never known. But when the real killer—a man-hunting beast—chooses another victim, Hugh and Cece realize they must unlock the clues to their past if they have any chance at a future.

Looks good to me! Just added it to my Kindle :)

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