Friday, July 31, 2015

In Search of a New Cohort!!

WANTED: A Co-Blogger

Do you love to read?? So do I! Do you like to obsess over books and tell anyone who will listen about how AH-MAZING they are?? Yup same here!! But sadly life sometimes will get in the way. And I've recently realized that I can't do it all by myself. So that is where you come in!! 

I am looking for someone who can ideally:

-Post at least one review per week along with any other posts that may strike your fancy.
- Deal with me. I am not difficult at all, I am actually pretty laid back. But I do have my quirks. So we will have to see if your quirks and my quirks fit happily together lol.
-Pretty please be reliable. I need help with this because I really want to keep this blog going, as it is my baby. I've had to go on hiatus once before and I absolutely hated every second of it, so I do not want that again.

If this sounds like you and you do wish to be my fellow awesome, book obsessed co-blogger here at The Book Cafe please email me at with the following deets:

Name, age and location.
Link(s) to your Goodreads/Twitter/own blog/Facebook account.
Your favorite genre(s)

Links to any reviews you may have written. Not too many, maybe 3 or 4. If you haven't written any yet, but this is something you definitely want to do- let me know! We can figure something out.
Tell me a little about yourself. Why do you want to come aboard?
Is there anything you would want to add to the blog?

Thank you so so much for reading!! I hope to hear from you and I hope to be presenting my new cohort soon!!  

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