Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Blog Tour Stop!! And GIVEAWAY! The Same Deep Water by Lisa Swallow

The Same Deep Water Synopsis:

Sometimes, believing the lies we tell ourselves is easier than dealing with the truth.
Once, I wanted to die. That was the night I met Guy.

The strange man with flowers stepped from the shadows and saved my life.
Guy. Dimpled smile. Body of a surf god. Smart and funny. Running out of time.
We became travelling companions through life, ticking off items on our bucket lists.
I’d hidden from happiness for years and kept my life under strict control. Guy showed me how to step into the world and experience more, 
he brought light into the shadows and helped me through the darkness.

I became Phe again. I lived.

There’s just one problem.

We fell in love and this wasn’t part of our plans.

I thought we could face the future together, but Guy has a secret which changes everything.

So I read this about a month ago and instead of waiting like a normal, patient person would to post my review on my tour stop day (today), I got all kinds of excited about this wonderful book by this amazing author and decided to post it only 3 days after having read it. Because, I loved that book so very much. When I read it, it immediately topped my list for 2015. Not just the month, but for the YEAR so far. And it has firmly stayed in place. Check out my full, 5 Coffee Cup Review HERE

Lisa Swallow Bio:

Lisa is an author of new adult romance and writes both paranormal and contemporary, including the best selling Blue Phoenix rock romance series. In between running a business, looking after her family and writing, Lisa sometimes finds spare time to do other things. This often involves swapping her book worlds for gaming worlds. Lisa is originally from the UK but moved to Australia in 2001 and now lives in Perth in Western Australia with her husband, three children and dog.


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