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Blog Tour Stop!! Review and Giveaway: And Then Forever by Shirley Jump

And Then Forever
by Shirley Jump
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Welcome to Fortune’s Island, where the only rule is to follow your heart.

Love is an extravagance Darcy Williams can’t afford. She prefers the simple life, which includes waitressing at The Love Shack on Fortune’s Island and avoiding temptation. But when a forbidden part of her past steps off the ferry, her safe, guarded existence is turned upside down.

Kincaid Foster has never gotten over his first love. When he sees the wild, beautiful blonde again, dancing her way around The Love Shack, the memories of Darcy’s soft skin, gentle touch, and heated kisses come rushing back. As the privileged son of a wealthy family, Kincaid was too young to stand up to his overbearing father when he and Darcy were together. Now, he’s back on the island—free of the family shackles—and the chiseled, big-time lawyer wants a second chance.

But, Darcy made a promise to keep a secret from Kincaid—a secret that is now a six-year-old girl who looks just like her daddy. If Kincaid finds out about their daughter, Darcy could lose everything. But, she can’t resist the man who stole her heart all those years ago. And it doesn’t take long before both of them realize that anything can happen at The Love Shack on a hot summer night.

Reviewed by Christyn :)

**An advanced copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review**

My Rating: 3 Coffee Cups!!

This was definitely one of those light summer reads. Nothing more, nothing less. It in all honesty kinda makes me think of the movie Mystic Pizza (one of my favorite 80s chick flicks). And that's not necessarily a bad thing at all. If you want something easy to read while on vacation, with a HEA and without many twisty turvies this is perfect. I prefer my happy endings with a side of some gut wrenching and heart hurting, but in that I can be a little bit of a masochist. With that said, this book wasn't necessarily what I was looking for when I read it. Which is neither the book nor Shirley Jump's fault, I just needed more.

This book is set in Fortune Island, Massachusetts a fictional island near Plymouth. Which is another reason I opted to read this. I've lived in various parts of Massachusetts myself and have friends who live in vacation towns near Cape Cod so know the Townie vs. Tourist mentality pretty well. And this town almost serves as a third main character in the story. 

Darcy grew up on the mainland. Always dreaming of living on the smaller Fortune Island. To the point where the moment she turned 18 she hopped on the ferry in search of a job. And she finds one at the local hole in the wall bar/grill The Love Shack. Where she meets the love of her life Kincaid.

Kincaid is the rich boy. The one whose family owns the big mansion on the island, whose father is a big shot who would do anything to not let him slum it with the local, beautiful waitress. No matter the cost. And despite the love that Kincaid feels for Darcy, he's young and desperate for his father's approval so is easily swayed.

This story goes back in forth from when they first met to the present day, 6 years later. When Darcy and Kincaid are a little bit older and their backbones have grown just a little bit thicker and their love hasn't diminished one tiny bit.

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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Shirley Jump spends her days writing romance so she can avoid the towering stack of dirty dishes, eat copious amounts of chocolate and reward herself with trips to the mall. Look for her all-new novella in the anthology ASK ME WHY (with Marie Force, Virginia Kantra and Jodi Thomas), as well as the Sweet and Savory Romance series, including the USA Today bestselling book, THE BRIDE WORE CHOCOLATE, on Amazon, and her Sweetheart Sisters series, starting with THE SWEETHEART BARGAIN.

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  1. look like a great read! Thank you for the giveaway!

    1. You're very welcome! You should definitely give it a read :)