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Review: Gravity (Mageri Series #4) by Dannika Dark

Gravity (Mageri Series #4)
by Dannika Dark
Published on: 5/17/13
Genre: Urban Fantasy

When a choice is made, it will forever alter the course of our destiny. It cannot be undone, for fate is a river changing direction and carving away the bed of our hearts like everlasting fractures.

A difficult past has left Silver broken, but she is learning to trust again through Logan Cross, a Chitah who has convinced her that a dangerous man can change. Their conviction for each other will be put to the ultimate test when an old nemesis reappears and flips her world upside down. Will Logan be able to tame the animal within, or will he succumb to his impulsive nature?

The ongoing investigation into Breed experiments unveils a shocking secret about Silver’s past. Standing at a fork in the road, Silver is forced to make a decision. Each comes with consequence, and there is no turning back. 

My Rating: 5 Coffee Cups!!

Let me start with this: If you haven't read any of the Mageri Series yet you must do two things. 1) Beware of my review! There's no real way for me to curb too many spoilers on the three previous books, plus it won't really make too much sense to you. And 2) GO GET THE OTHER THREE BOOKS!! There is even a box set on Amazon for only $5.99 GET THEM HERE!!. Seriously they are completely worth it. I will even post the Goodreads description of the first book Sterling for you:

Zoë Merrick lived an ordinary life until late one night, she was brutally attacked and left for dead.

She survived, saved by a stranger who witnessed her undergo a physical transformation. That's not the only thing that's different. Zoë is unable to control an unexplainable energy coursing through her body.

Justus De Gradi is a man who can teach her that control. He's handsome, arrogant, and not entirely human. He reveals that she is a Mage - an immortal made of light, not magic. She must now make a choice: Rebuild her life in the human world with the man who saved her, or live with Justus and learn how to use her extraordinary gifts. Justus has sworn an oath to protect her life, but can he guard her from the one man who has a right to claim it?

Zoë learns the price of freedom...
and the value of loyalty.

So onto my review of Gravity. I won't lie to you, I kinda had to beg my way to a copy of this eARC from Dannika Dark. And lucky for me, she smelled my desperation (like a Chitah)- even via email- and was awesome enough to take pity on me and send one. And I finished it in about a day's time. And then re-read it to make sure I didn't miss anything my first time around. I'm going to give you one brief forewarning about this book. She takes you on an emotional ride that will sucker punch you straight in the heart, on a few occasions, so have your kleenex at the ready. Tears of happiness, sadness and pure frustration will come out. Don't say I didn't warn ya. 

This book picks up pretty much where the last one left off. Logan is trying to "properly" court Silver. Taking her out on dates, growing his hair out, strictly enforcing the no hanky panky rule. Silver is still somewhat hesitant about the total commitment that mating with Logan will entail. She is still crazy worried that the fact that she can't give him children will play a major factor somewhere down the line. He is adamant it doesn't matter to him, but she worries still knowing how much having a child to carry on their line matters to a Chitah. Then they are also dealing with the Chitahs who won't see the mating as a legal binding because she is a Mage. They are sworn enemies and although the relationship between the two aren't forbidden, they are also not recognized or protected by Breed Law.

On top of all of that Silver is still in the process of trying to figure out who/what her biological "parents" are. They are searching labs and tracking down possible scientists to find out the truth of her petri dish heritage. Oh and let's not forget her apprenticeship with Novis. Let's just say she has a lot on her plate. And in the midst of all of this she has to deal with an old threat that's come rearing his ugly head- Tarek, the newly made Lord of his Pride. He puts her into an impossible situation and the only person who can help her is probably one of the more unexpected- Christian.  

 Logan and Silver's relationship is put to the ultimate test and you fall in love with both characters watching how they handle the challenges thrown at them. 

“Ask me why I love you,” he quickly said, caging me with his arms.

My heart stammered and he leaned in close with a piercing gaze. A serious one that made me slide down off my elbows and cross my arms over my chest. I was still wearing a shirt, but I felt strangely exposed with his glare. Not in the sense of nudity, but my heart being open to him like a book.

“Ask me,” he demanded.

“Why?” The question I’d always wanted to ask but was too afraid to. Exactly why would a man like Logan Cross love a young Mage?
He scraped his teeth over his bottom lip before answering. “Because we have challenges, and we’re not perfect. I love that with you—I have to try. That it’s not effortless to keep you as much as it is to love you….”

One of the things I really loved about this book is that it explored a few different characters' POVs. One of which being Justus. As much as I love Logan and Simon and Adam and Christian, Justus is hands down my favorite male character of this series and slowly but surely with each book we get a glimpse into who he really is behind his hard exterior. In this book we watch the attraction that he has for Page (the Relic who took care of Silver in Impulse) come out. We see both Page and Justus' POVs and we watch their relationship begin to form. It's sweet and real and I enjoyed watching it unfold. It actually ends up becoming a secondary storyline in this book. We see a new side of Justus- sweet, vulnerable (well, as much as a man like that can be) and not 100% sure of himself. And Page balances him out. She is like Silver in the sense that she isn't susceptible to his charms and she calls him on his BS, Alpha man posturing.

We also get a brief glimpse of Adam and how he is coping with all of the horrible things he's been put thru. He's beginning to return to the Razor we know and love, just with MUCH rougher edges.

Of course we get peeks into the rest of our favorite characters: the Cross brothers (we get to meet the uber blunt Lucien), Knox, Sunny, Finn and Remi. And in the middle of all of the heavy that occurs you have Simon's "that's what she said" humor to lighten things up a bit. 

After reading this installment and seeing all of the twists and unexpected turns it takes I can not wait to see where this story takes you next. 

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