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Book Highlight!! Trophy Husband by Lauren Blakely

Trophy Husband
by Lauren Blakely
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Sometimes you can't help falling in love, even when you try to do the opposite...

Successful fashion blogger McKenna Bell has spent far too long protecting herself after the way her ex-fiancé left her at the altar for a college chick he met the night of his bachelor party. Loving again, trusting again, well, that's just not in the cards. Especially now that her ex is back in town with his new woman, demanding custody of McKenna's favorite creature in the whole world--her dog.

No effing way. McKenna's had enough of him, and she decides to even the score by finding her own hot young thing -- a Trophy Husband. Sure, she's only twenty-seven, but doesn't that make it even more fun -- and infuriating to her ex -- to pursue a younger man?

When she declares her intentions on her daily blog, her quest quickly skyrockets in popularity, and that's when Chris enters the picture, and he’s got all the assets. He's handsome, successful, and turns her inside out with a kiss to end all kisses, the kind that makes you feel like a shooting star.

But loving again could mean losing again, and it's so much easier to focus on getting even, isn't it? Unless, you just can't help falling in love. Which means McKenna will have to come face to face with what she really wants in life -- protecting her heart from hurt, or letting go of her fears of a new beginning.

My Rating: 4 Coffee Cups!!

I adored this book. It was a light, fun read. Perfect beach read for the summer. 

The main character McKenna wants to find love. She wants that all encompassing, usually only read about it, corny chick flick kind of love. But the hurt she faced courtesy of her douchiest of douchebags ex-fiance is a hard thing to overcome. Seriously, Todd is a scumbag. He leaves her at the alter with only a voicemail on the day of their wedding...AFTER eloping with some 20 year old gymnast in Vegas during his bachelor party. Who does that?!? AND the happy couple names their baby one of the baby names McKenna and Todd picked out during their, mind you, 6 year relationship!! I seriously had angry tears for her while reading all of that. That man needed to be punched in the throat. Gahh!! Well, needless to say a lot of women would be complete and total nutcase psychos if something like that happened to them, but instead of going crazy McKenna decides she wants to get justice, by finding herself a hot, younger piece of arm candy. She figures if Todd can find himself a little trophy wife (along with plenty of other guys) why can't she find herself a hot little trophy husband? 

 So, after enlisting in the help of her best girlfriends and her thousands of blog followers she decides to have an almost Bachelorette-like series where her followers help to pick everything from what she should wear to who should be allowed a second date. She is gung-ho about this plan (even faced with a couple of complete duds early on). 

Then she meets Chris. And all of her intentions and plans begin to fall to the wayside. He is the guy her romantic fantasies are made out of. He's a fellow blogger, computer geek, gamer AND he's a hot surfer. Yup, the total package. They have a great banter and chemistry and begin to fall quickly. He knows about her quest and in the beginning even helps to promote it. But after a couple of wonderful dates and amazing make out sessions McKenna realizes she has a choice to make, either follow her already battered and bruised heart and open up again or continue pursuing her vendetta against all cheating scums like Todd (who by the way won't go away). 

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 So I actually was somehow able to get the awesome-sauce Lauren Blakely to do a quickie little interview with me..check it out :)

 If a movie studio went up to you tomorrow and said "hey I'm going to turn Caught Up in Us, Pretending He's Mine and Trophy Husband into movies, but you have to pick the actors/actresses playing the couples" who would you pick?

Ooh, fun question! For Trophy Husband I'm picking Blake Lively as McKenna, Jessie Pavelka as Chris, and Mark Duplass as Todd. For Pretending He's Mine, I'm going with Parker Hurley as Reeve and Jessica Biel as Sutton, and for Caught Up In Us, I like Anna Kendrick for Kat and, of course, Channing Tatum for Bryan.

 I stalked Goodreads and saw that there is a 3rd book in the Caught Up in Us series in the works. Is there any fun tidbits you can give me?
The third book is Playing With My Heart. I'm writing it now. (Or trying to, in between contracted books!). And it will be my first novel in dual first person POV. It takes place in the Broadway theater world.

 What was your favorite scene to write in Trophy Husband?
It would be a toss-up between the French Fry restaurant scene, the Guitar Hero scene or the Qbert scene.
  Not counting your own :-P what was your favorite read of 2013 so far?
There are too many!! I love One Week Girlfriend by Monica Murphy, Lover Undercover by Samanthe Beck, His Risk to Take by Tessa Bailey, and Pivot Point by Kasie West.
 What made you decide I'm going to do this, I'm going to become a writer?
The voices in my head are loud and demanding and they insist I tell their stories!!
More Tidbits on Lauren!

Lauren Blakely is an unabashed fan of clever jokes, toast, and good guys in novels. Like the heroine in CAUGHT UP IN US, she thinks life should be filled with movie kisses and coffee drinks. Lauren lives in California with her husband and children, and spends her days writing both true stories and make-believe ones.

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